Discover schemes of work, lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in all curriculum subjects for Key Stage Two to teach about the growth and development of the Ancient Egyptian civilization

  • Ancient Egypt Map

    Ancient Egypt Map

    Identify, locate and describe some of the special places that were part of the Ancient Egyptian civilization by using a map of Egypt

  • Ancient Egyptian Tiles

    Ancient Egyptian Tiles

    Design and produce tiles that can represent Ancient Egyptian culture and traditions by adding shapes, patterns and attachments to clay models

  • Tile Reviews

    Tile Reviews

    Review and suggest changes to clay tiles reflecting Ancient Egyptian culture and traditions

  • Egyptian Tile

    Egyptian Tile

    Produce a clay tile to reflect and illustrate a range of Ancient Egyptian culture and traditions

  • Tile Design

    Tile Design

    Design shapes and patterns to use on a clay tile to reflect the customs and traditions of Ancient Egypt

  • Handles and Spouts

    Handles and Spouts

    Investigate how to use clay slip to join different elements of a model clay artefact from Ancient Egypt

  • Clay Imprints

    Clay Imprints

    Investigate how to use different tools to make a range of impressions in clay to reflect life in Ancient Egypt

  • Statues and Tombs

    Statues and Tombs

    Investigate some of the different shapes and patterns that were used on Ancient Egyptian artefacts

  • Ancient Egyptian Pyramids

    Ancient Egyptian Pyramids

    Explore how and why the Ancient Egyptians constructed and used different pyramids and tombs to reflect their beliefs about the afterlife

  • King Tutankhamen

    King Tutankhamen

    Investigate the life of an Ancient Egyptian pharaoh by writing a news report about the discovery of their tomb

  • Journey to the Afterlife

    Journey to the Afterlife

    Discuss and dramatise some of the Ancient Egyptians beliefs about death and the afterlife

  • Pharaoh Tombs

    Pharaoh Tombs

    Investigate and record information about some of the artefacts that were buried with Ancient Egyptian pharaohs

  • Number Races

    Number Races

    Create and complete different number lines to show sets of four digit numbers with a range of division steps

  • Number Steps

    Number Steps

    Identify and record divisions on sets of different number lines to show sequences of numbers with four digits

  • Number Rules

    Number Rules

    Identify and record sets of four digit numbers that can match a range of different statements about numbers

  • Number Mixing

    Number Mixing

    Identify and record the place value of the digits in a range of different four digit numbers by using matching calculations