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Data Handling

Discover lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in computing for Key Stage Two to teach about collecting, managing and presenting data for a range of functions

  • Planets Questions

    Planets Questions

    Search for answers to key questions using a class prepared database about celestial objects in space

  • Editing Data

    Editing Data

    heck and correct information that has been added to a database about different planets in the Solar System

  • Changing Data

    Changing Data

    Practise changing and adapting the layout and structure of a database about different celestial objects

  • Space Data

    Space Data

    Research and collect information about different celestial objects to enter into a database

  • Data Entry

    Data Entry

    pPactise adding data and information records to a database about celestial objects in the Solar System

  • Astronauts


    Practise using a database to research and record information on facts related to astronauts who work in space

  • Solar System Database

    Solar System Database

    Collect and organise information about different celestial bodies that can be found in the Solar System

  • Data Queries

    Data Queries

    Explore and record different ways of using information in a database by sorting and querying data

  • Using Data

    Using Data

    Investigate different ways of using and presenting information compiled into a database

  • Volcano Data

    Volcano Data

    Select and enter data and information about volcanoes into different fields to compile a database

  • Spreadsheet Data

    Spreadsheet Data

    Practise entering, formatting and organising data and information about volcanoes using a spreadsheet

  • Checking Data

    Checking Data

    Discuss and practise how to amend and correct information in a prepared database

  • Circus Animals
    Write a discussion text to outline some of the arguments for and against an animal welfare issue
  • Chocolate Debate
    Hold a class debate to identify and explain the benefits and disadvantages of eating chocolate
  • Story Swaps
    Practise writing and editing an alternative version of a traditional story by swapping characters, settings and plot events
  • Story Swap Writing
    Draft and edit an alternative version of a traditional tale to match the original text genre and style