Key Stage One : Special Topics : Christmas

Discover some schemes of work, lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in different curriculum subjects for Key Stage One to celebrate and enjoy the festive season

Schemes of Work

Lesson planning to develop and refine skills in different curriculum subjects to celebrate and enjoy the festive season

Art and Design

Use a range of media and materials to produce paintings, models and sculptures celebrating Christmas


Develop reading, writing and spoken language skills by composing fiction and non-fiction texts on Christmas themes


Practise skills in number, geometry and measurement by solving problems related to Christmas

Religious Education

Explore the events in the nativity story and how Christians around the world celebrate Christmas

  • Family Christmas
    Practise using mental calculations and informal written calculations to add and subtract pairs of two digit numbers when identifying different things that families might need to celebrate Christmas
  • Christmas Market
    Calculate numbers of items sold at a Christmas market by subtracting ones from different two digit numbers
  • Christmas Stocking
    Calculate the total cost of presents needed to fill a stocking using different money amounts
  • Christmas Tree Shopping
    Use counting on to add two digit numbers and tens to calculate the prices of Christmas decorations