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Christmas Maths

Discover lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in maths for Key Stage One to teach about using number, measurement and geometry skills on the theme of Christmas

  • Turkey Dinner

    Turkey Dinner

    Use partitioning to add pairs of two digit numbers to calculate the cost of a Christmas meal

  • Baubles


    Practise dividing different bauble shapes to show fractions using halves and quarters

  • Snowflake Cards

    Snowflake Cards

    Select and print patterns of different shapes to decorate the front of festive Christmas cards

  • Christmas Card Halves

    Christmas Card Halves

    Select and use halves of different shapes to make a range of festive Christmas cards

  • Christmas Cake

    Christmas Cake

    Identify and record the number of one or two pence coins needed to buy different Christmas cakes

  • Santa’s Sack

    Santa’s Sack

    Identify and record sets of money amounts with totals to twenty pence to match prices of presents

  • Snowy Pine Cones

    Snowy Pine Cones

    Select and combine natural materials to produce a hanging Christmas tree decoration

  • Tree Ornaments

    Tree Ornaments

    Build collage pictures using a range of different materials for use on Christmas tree ornaments

  • Christmas Market

    Christmas Market

    Calculate numbers of items sold at a Christmas market by subtracting ones from different two digit numbers

  • Christmas Stocking

    Christmas Stocking

    Calculate the total cost of presents needed to fill a stocking using different money amounts

  • Christmas Tree Shopping

    Christmas Tree Shopping

    Use counting on to add two digit numbers and tens to calculate the prices of Christmas decorations

  • Christmas Party

    Christmas Party

    Use counting on to add two digit numbers and tens to calculate the prices of items needed for a family party at Christmas

  • Seaside Sculpture

    Seaside Sculpture

    Select and use a range of different natural materials found on a beach to produce some model sculptures on the theme of the seaside

  • Sculpture Review

    Sculpture Review

    Suggest additions and improvements to a seaside sculpture produced using different beach materials

  • Seaside Art

    Seaside Art

    Build and shape a sculpture to reflect the seaside using materials found on a beach

  • Sculpture Design

    Sculpture Design

    Uuse a range of different beach materials to plan and design a sculpture on the theme of the seaside