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Physical Education Schemes of Work

Discover schemes of work, lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in physical education for Key Stage One covering covering ball handling, invasion and defending games, gymnastics, dance and outdoor activities


Develop, practise and refine some of the different techniques and skills that are needed to win when playing a team game of football

Large Ball Skills

Develop, practise and refine a range of different skills to move, pass and target goals when playing team games using large balls

Toy Factory

Select, develop and perform a range of dance steps to represent and illustrate some of the movements of different toys and games

  • Seaside Sculpture

    Seaside Sculpture

    Select and use a range of different natural materials found on a beach to produce some model sculptures on the theme of the seaside

  • Sculpture Review

    Sculpture Review

    Suggest additions and improvements to a seaside sculpture produced using different beach materials

  • Seaside Art

    Seaside Art

    Build and shape a sculpture to reflect the seaside using materials found on a beach

  • Sculpture Design

    Sculpture Design

    Uuse a range of different beach materials to plan and design a sculpture on the theme of the seaside