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Maths Year Two Planning Term Two

Discover schemes of work, lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in maths for Year Two in Key Stage One to teach about fractions, statistics and geometry

Unit A : Money Counting

Identify and record combinations of coins and notes to match different money amounts to use when making comparisons between number sums

Unit H : Grams and Kilograms

Estimate, measure and compare the mass of different sized objects using standard units of measurement for grams and kilograms

  • Word Sentences or

    Word Sentences or

    Select and use words with the common letter strings or to complete different sentences

  • Word Sentences air

    Word Sentences air

    Select and use words with the common letter string air to complete different sentences

  • Buses, Trains, Planes

    Buses, Trains, Planes

    Select patterned language to use when writing poems describing ways of travelling when making different journeys

  • Poetry Display

    Poetry Display

    Redraft and edit poems to display in the classroom describing transport that can be used for a range of journeys