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Discover lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in maths for Key Stage One to teach about mental and written subtraction

  • Easter Baskets

    Easter Baskets

    Practise subtracting pairs of two digit numbers using place value to show the eggs that might be left in an Easter basket

  • Tins and Cans

    Tins and Cans

    Identify and calculate the mass of different food tins and cans that are recorded in grams

  • Love Hearts

    Love Hearts

    Subtract pairs of two digit numbers by using their tens and ones to calculate the number of hearts left after Valentine’s Day

  • Pancake Counting

    Pancake Counting

    Use counting on and back to subtract pairs of numbers within twenty to identify pancakes made on Shrove Tuesday

  • Before and After

    Before and After

    Identify and record numbers that are one more and one less than different numbers to twenty

  • Number Steps

    Number Steps

    Count backwards from ten using objects and numbers written in words and digits

  • Shop Prices

    Shop Prices

    Calculate the prices of items bought in shops from different amounts of change received when paying for something

  • Shopping Change

    Shopping Change

    Record the matching coins that can be given in change when buying items with prices to one pound

  • Christmas Market

    Christmas Market

    Calculate numbers of items sold at a Christmas market by subtracting ones from different two digit numbers

  • Firework Bursts

    Firework Bursts

    Use concrete objects when subtracting pairs of single digit numbers to show shapes that disappear when a firework bursts open in the night sky

  • Family Times
    Identify, calculate and record the start and finish times and durations of different family events and experiences using analogue and digital clocks
  • Running Times
    alculate the duration of different sporting events by counting in intervals of five minutes
  • Family Timetables
    Select and record start and finish times and durations of different family events and experiences
  • Bus Times
    Calculate and record the duration of different bus journeys using times to five minutes