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3D Shapes

Discover lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in maths for Key Stage One to teach about investigating the properties of 3D shapes

  • Easter Chick Baskets

    Easter Chick Baskets

    Select and shape materials to make a picture of a baby chick to add to an Easter basket filled with chocolate eggs

  • Easter Flower Baskets

    Easter Flower Baskets

    Shape and decorate the net of a cube shape to make an Easter basket that can hold some chocolate eggs

  • Snowflake Cards

    Snowflake Cards

    Select and print patterns of different shapes to decorate the front of festive Christmas cards

  • Snowy Pine Cones

    Snowy Pine Cones

    Select and combine natural materials to produce a hanging Christmas tree decoration

  • Tree Ornaments

    Tree Ornaments

    Build collage pictures using a range of different materials for use on Christmas tree ornaments

  • Seaside Sculpture

    Seaside Sculpture

    Select and use a range of different natural materials found on a beach to produce some model sculptures on the theme of the seaside

  • Sculpture Review

    Sculpture Review

    Suggest additions and improvements to a seaside sculpture produced using different beach materials

  • Seaside Art

    Seaside Art

    Build and shape a sculpture to reflect the seaside using materials found on a beach

  • Sculpture Design

    Sculpture Design

    Uuse a range of different beach materials to plan and design a sculpture on the theme of the seaside