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Discover lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in history for Key Stage one to teach about castle life in the past

  • Castle Attack

    Castle Attack

    Identify, describe and build a model of a weapon that was used to attack a castle in the past

  • Castle Siege

    Castle Siege

    Identify and record a set of instructions about how to lay siege to a castle in the past

  • Castle Moat

    Castle Moat

    Build models to illustrate some of the best ways of attacking a castle across the moat filled with water

  • Castle Locations

    Castle Locations

    Research and identify some of the best locations that could be used for the site of a castle

  • Castle Protection

    Castle Protection

    Identify and describe some of building structures that were used to defend a castle from attack in the past

  • Castle Entertainment

    Castle Entertainment

    Investigate and role-play different ways to entertain the lord and lady of a castle in the past

  • Pages, Squires and Knights

    Pages, Squires and Knights

    Discuss some of the different ways that a castle could be protected from an attack

  • Castle Jobs

    Castle Jobs

    Identify, record and describe different jobs and activities that took place in a castle in the past

  • Castle Inhabitants

    Castle Inhabitants

    Identify and describe some of the groups of people who lived and worked in a castle in the past

  • Castle Construction

    Castle Construction

    Identify and describe some of the main construction features of a castle

  • Sea Voyage
    Plan and write a diary entry to describe a voyage on a tall ship that is sailing across an ocean
  • Garden Planting
    Write a factual recount about how to plant different flowers in a garden during the spring
  • Weather Postcards
    Read and write recounts to use on postcards reporting the weather experienced on different family holidays
  • Holiday Postcard
    Compose a written recount to use on a postcard describing a family holiday to a specific location