Key Stage One : English : Year One Planning : Term Three

Discover some schemes of work, lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in English for Year One in Key Stage One covering stories with fantasy settings, recounts about journeys, poems with patterned language, and traditional stories about animals

Theme One : Journeys

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Journeys : Unit One : Wild Things

Investigate settings and events in a story set in a fantasy world, spell words with tch endings and link sentence clauses using and

Recommended for Year One

Journeys : Unit Two : Space Flight

Adapt a story about a journey in a fantasy world, explore words that contain the /k/ sound, and use the conjunction and to join sentences

Recommended for Year One

Journeys : Unit Three : Weather Postcards

Read and write recounts reporting the weather for different journeys, practise adding the suffixes ed to word roots and investigate types of sentences

Recommended for Year One

Journeys : Unit Four : Family Visit

Read and write recounts of a family visit, practise spelling words using the suffixes ed and ing and write sentences that are statements and questions

Recommended for Year One

Journeys : Unit Five : Transport

Read and respond to poems about ways to travel using a range of vehicles, investigate syllables heard in different words and identify words that require capital letters

Recommended for Year One

Journeys : Unit Six : Buses, Trains, Planes

Select patterned language to use when writing poems describing ways of travelling, identify syllables in words and punctuate sentences using capital letters

Recommended for Year One

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  • Sandwiches
    Select and prepare a range of different foods to use when making a sandwich for a picnic
  • Clock Times
    Identify, record and compare times on analogue clock faces using a selection of time intervals for hours and minutes
  • Travel Trips
    Practise linking sentence clauses about different ways to travel and forms of transport using the conjunctions and and or
  • Changing World
    Identify and describe some of the changes to the natural world that can occur during the four seasons of the year