Discover lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in design technology for Key Stage One to teach about making products using different textile materials and techniques

  • Hand Puppet

    Hand Puppet

    Select and combine materials using different techniques to make a Punch and Judy puppet

  • Sewing Puppets

    Sewing Puppets

    Investigate and practise ways of joining different fabrics and materials using sewing skills

  • Puppet Faces

    Puppet Faces

    Investigate and record ways of creating facial features on models to show different expressions

  • Word Sentences or

    Word Sentences or

    Select and use words with the common letter strings or to complete different sentences

  • Word Sentences air

    Word Sentences air

    Select and use words with the common letter string air to complete different sentences

  • Buses, Trains, Planes

    Buses, Trains, Planes

    Select patterned language to use when writing poems describing ways of travelling when making different journeys

  • Poetry Display

    Poetry Display

    Redraft and edit poems to display in the classroom describing transport that can be used for a range of journeys