Discover schemes of work, lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in all curriculum subjects for Key Stage One to teach about the location and function of farms

  • Cornfield


    Read and answer a range of different comprehension questions using a non-fiction information text about farming

  • Harvest


    Explore and record how the autumn harvest is celebrated and marked in different communities around the world

  • Harvest Decorations

    Harvest Decorations

    Explore and describe some of different ways that Christians celebrate the harvest in a church festival

  • Harvest Prayer

    Harvest Prayer

    Explain and record how to write a prayer to thank God for providing the harvest in the autumn

  • Harvest Hymn

    Harvest Hymn

    eEplore and describe some of the different ways of celebrating the autumn harvest in Christianity

  • Harvest Collage

    Harvest Collage

    Select and use a range of natural materials to create examples of different foods harvested during the autumn

  • Harvest Tapestry

    Harvest Tapestry

    Identify and record some of the different farming actions and jobs connected to harvest

  • Farm Crops

    Farm Crops

    Identify, sort and compare some of the different crops that are grown and harvested on a farm

  • Farm Labels

    Farm Labels

    Practise and develop a range of word processing skills to utilise when labelling and organising different objects related to farms and farming

  • Animal Labels

    Animal Labels

    Design and produce a range of name labels for different animals to display around a farm

  • Barn Boxes

    Barn Boxes

    Select effective font sizes and colours to produce labels for matching farm tools and equipment

  • Farm Hats

    Farm Hats

    Write and edit labels to describe shapes, colours and sizes of different types of hats worn for a range of purposes

  • Word Sentences or

    Word Sentences or

    Select and use words with the common letter strings or to complete different sentences

  • Word Sentences air

    Word Sentences air

    Select and use words with the common letter string air to complete different sentences

  • Buses, Trains, Planes

    Buses, Trains, Planes

    Select patterned language to use when writing poems describing ways of travelling when making different journeys

  • Poetry Display

    Poetry Display

    Redraft and edit poems to display in the classroom describing transport that can be used for a range of journeys