Investigate, describe and compare some of the different places and locations that could be explored in the world on visits and adventures

  • Islands


    Identify, record and compare some of the physical and political geographical features specific to islands with other locations around the world

  • Island Postcard

    Island Postcard

    Write holiday postcards to identify and compare the physical and political features of islands with other locations

  • Island Holiday

    Island Holiday

    Explain and record how to plan a family holiday to an island location listing possible events and experiences

  • Island Schools

    Island Schools

    Describe and compare school life for school pupils living on an island and in a mainland location

  • Island People

    Island People

    Identify and describe some of the different jobs that can be completed by the residents on an island

  • Isle of Skye

    Isle of Skye

    Select and list questions that can be used to compare living on a small island with other locations in the world

  • What Location

    What Location

    Identify and record some of similarities and differences between a range of different locations found around the world

  • Word Sentences or

    Word Sentences or

    Select and use words with the common letter strings or to complete different sentences

  • Word Sentences air

    Word Sentences air

    Select and use words with the common letter string air to complete different sentences

  • Buses, Trains, Planes

    Buses, Trains, Planes

    Select patterned language to use when writing poems describing ways of travelling when making different journeys

  • Poetry Display

    Poetry Display

    Redraft and edit poems to display in the classroom describing transport that can be used for a range of journeys