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Art and Design Schemes of Work

Discover some schemes of work, lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in art and design for Key Stage One covering sketching and drawing, painting techniques, use of colour shades, sculpture models, shape printing and artwork by significant artists

Garden Flowers

Develop and refine skills in representing different types of flowers grown in a garden by using a range of painting techniques

Farm Prints

Practise and demonstrate different techniques when printing a range of shapes and patterns that can reflect themes and ideas related to farming

Sea Collage

Combine and shape a selection of different natural and art materials to produce artwork reflecting ideas and themes about the sea

  • Favourite Food
    Use commas to list favourite foods that can be eaten at different family meal times
  • Mini-beasts
    Use commas to write lists about different mini-beasts that can be found in the school grounds
  • Holidays
    Use commas to write lists describing activities that can be completed in different holiday locations
  • City Pavements
    Select and compare different shapes used in tessellating patterns found on city pavements