Discover lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in art and design for Key Stage One to teach about how to use different techniques when painting

  • Flower Painting

    Flower Painting

    Select and utilise a range of colour shades to create a still life painting of a vase of flowers

  • Flower Vase

    Flower Vase

    Produce a still life drawing of a vase of flowers as preparation for creating a full painting

  • Sunflowers


    Explore and record some of the different colours, shapes and patterns used in a painting of some flowers by a famous artist

  • Sea Voyage
    Plan and write a diary entry to describe a voyage on a tall ship that is sailing across an ocean
  • Garden Planting
    Write a factual recount about how to plant different flowers in a garden during the spring
  • Weather Postcards
    Read and write recounts to use on postcards reporting the weather experienced on different family holidays
  • Holiday Postcard
    Compose a written recount to use on a postcard describing a family holiday to a specific location