Please use the information below to find answers to any queries that you might have about buying our digital teaching files and using our website.

If you cannot find the information that you need then please contact us so that we can help further.

Help : How to open and use a primary teaching pack downloaded from Clickprimary

All of our primary teaching packs are downloaded as zip files. You should already have an archive program or application on your device which you can use to open the zip files. If you don’t have a suitable program or application then you can download a free program to open the zip files such as using 7-Zip.

After you have opened the zip archive you will have access to all of the files needed for the scheme of work, lesson plan or teaching pack that you have purchased. Most of the files are presented in PDF format so that they can be viewed on all devices. You should already have a PDF viewer on your device that can be used to view the files. Some of the files are presented in black and white format so that they can be easily photocopied and used by the pupils in your class.

You can also access Word documents and PowerPoint files as part of the schemes of work, lesson plans of teaching packs so that you edit some of the teaching files to match the needs of your class. We recommend using a program such as LibreOffice to edit the files although you can use any application that opens doc and ppt files.

If you have any suggestions about how a particular scheme of work, lesson plan or teaching pack can be improved then please contact us to offer your ideas for improvement.

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Key Stage Two

  • Weather Station
    Select materials and techniques to utilise when designing and making instruments to measure the local weather

Key Stage One

  • Flower Gallery
    Record, edit and label digital images of different flowers and plants found around the school grounds

Foundation Stage

  • Vehicles
    Identify and describe some of the different journeys that can be made by bus, train or plane