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How to update your personal details and card information

Please use the information below to find answers to any queries that you might have about subscribing to Clickprimary and using our teaching resources. If you cannot find the information that you need then please contact us so that we can help further.

You can update all of your personal details and card information used for your subscription by clicking on the account option on the menu bar. Please make sure that you have logged into Clickprimary before choosing to view your account details.

In the account section, you can make changes to your personal details registered for the account. It is important that you make sure we have the correct email address registered for your account in case you miss any important messages we might send about your subscription.

If you have a Clickprimary plus or key stage subscription then you can also update the card details used to process your payments in this section. Click on the link to securely update your card details using Stripe payments. Please be assured that any information you enter will be 100% protected and secure.

  • Number Thousands

    Number Thousands

    Compare, order and sequence different sets of four digits numbers by using the place value of their numerical digits including counting in steps of thousands

  • Number Races

    Number Races

    Create and complete different number lines to show sets of four digit numbers with a range of division steps

  • Word Sentences or

    Word Sentences or

    Select and use words with the common letter strings or to complete different sentences

  • Word Sentences air

    Word Sentences air

    Select and use words with the common letter string air to complete different sentences