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Help : How to find teaching resources to support your classroom teaching

All of our schemes of work, lesson plans, teaching packs and interactive activities follow the National Curriculum for England and Wales. They can also match aspects of the Scotland’s Curriculum for Excellence.There are topics and themes to match all subjects in the National Curriculum and for Religious Education.

You can click a key stage name on the menu to access a range of curriculum subjects and topics. There will be a listing of matching schemes of work, lesson plans and teaching packs on each subject or topic page. You can click on the name of a teaching resource to find out more about the activity to help you decide if it will match the needs of your class topic.

You can also enter a few key words in the search box at the top of any page to find some matching schemes of work, lesson plans and teaching packs. Click on an entry in the search results to find more information about a teaching resource.

If you can’t find a suitable teaching resource then please contact us so that we can consider adding it to the subject and topic libraries.

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Key Stage Two

  • Weather Station
    Select materials and techniques to utilise when designing and making instruments to measure the local weather

Key Stage One

  • Flower Gallery
    Record, edit and label digital images of different flowers and plants found around the school grounds

Foundation Stage

  • Vehicles
    Identify and describe some of the different journeys that can be made by bus, train or plane