Foundation Stage : Special Topics : Royal Celebrations

Royal Party

Develop and refine techniques in art and design to combine and shape materials when making decorations and souvenirs to celebrate a special occasion in the Royal family

Recommended for Reception

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Explore, measure and record the effect of different types of weather on a range of populations and landscapes around the world

Weather Instruments

Select materials and techniques to utilise when designing and making instruments to measure the local weather

Weather Data

Investigate how to use different technological sensors to record, monitor and present weather information and data

Rain Rhythms

Practise composing and performing four beat rhythm patterns to reflect ideas and expressions illustrating the weather

  • Final Sounds Match
    Identify, record and match the spelling and meaning of different words that end in the same final phoneme sound
  • Numbers
    Practise counting and labelling sets of different objects by writing and matching the numerals for numbers to five
  • Counting
    Count, record and compare sets of different objects to ten and identify the matching numbers using numerals
  • Story Sequencing
    Sequence and record activities to describe family visits to different locations as preparation for a narrative writing lesson