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Remembrance Day

Discover lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in all curriculum subjects for the Foundation Stage to teach about the issues and themes surrounding Remembrance Day

  • Prayers for Peace

    Prayers for Peace

    Compose individual and group prayers to reflect on different ways of resolving conflicts relating to either personal or global issues

  • Poppy Field

    Poppy Field

    Select and combine materials to make models of poppies to thank and remember special people who have supported them in the past.

  • Family Pets

    Family Pets

    Identify and describe responsibilities when feeding, cleaning and exercising different pets

  • Good Neighbours

    Good Neighbours

    Identify and explain how to be a good neighbour by supporting and caring for others in their lives

  • Triangle Halves

    Triangle Halves

    Identify and record how to divide different sized triangles into pairs of equal halves

  • Circle Halves

    Circle Halves

    Identify and record how to divide different sized circle shapes into pairs of matching equal halves