Discover classroom teaching resources to develop and practise skills in all curriculum areas for the Foundation Stage to celebrate and decorate the classroom for Halloween

  • Halloween Buckets

    Halloween Buckets

    Select and add sets of sweets to Halloween buckets to match sums to five, ten and twenty

  • Counting Pumpkins

    Counting Pumpkins

    Count, match and record numbers of pumpkin shapes to ten written in words and digits

  • Wizard’s Beard

    Wizard’s Beard

    Shape and combine paper and other materials to produce a picture decoration of a Halloween character

  • Halloween Paperchains

    Halloween Paperchains

    Identify, describe and decorate shapes to make a decoration for a class Halloween party

  • Gingerbread Man

    Gingerbread Man

    Investigate and describe some of the different characters, settings and plot events that feature in a traditional story

  • Story Telling

    Story Telling

    Change and perform parts of a traditional story adding new characters to the narrative events

  • Story Puppets

    Story Puppets

    Re-tell part of a traditional story by using puppets to support dialogue of the characters

  • Supermarket


    Identify, describe and compare the range of products that can be sold in a supermarket and role-play buying and paying for shopping lists