Discover schemes of work, lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in numeracy for the Foundation Stage covering number counting

  • Number Boxes

    Number Boxes

    Count and match different numbers of objects to twenty and recorded in both words and numerical digits

  • Number Lists

    Number Lists

    Count, read and write numbers to twenty that match different quantities of food that can be fed to animals in a zoo

  • Animal Numbers

    Animal Numbers

    Investigate, order and compare each of the numbers to twenty written in words and digits

  • Counting Eggs

    Counting Eggs

    Count and record different numbers of egg shapes to twenty recorded using words and digits

  • Pancake Stacks

    Pancake Stacks

    Identify, count and record numbers of pancakes to twenty in words and digits

  • Buses


    Practise counting and recording one more for different numbers of bus passengers to ten

  • Streets


    Count and record numbers of different objects that can be seen in some of the streets close to the school

  • Street Counting

    Street Counting

    Practise counting number of objects seen in the local area working with numbers to ten

  • Ten Shapes

    Ten Shapes

    Count, compare and record numbers of different colours and shapes to ten

  • Number Six

    Number Six

    Read, write and count different numbers of classroom objects that make sums to six

  • Dominoes


    Play games to practise counting and ordering different numbers of shapes to ten

  • Tree Baubles

    Tree Baubles

    Count and record numbers of decorations displayed on a Christmas tree to twenty using words and digits

  • Family Pets

    Family Pets

    Identify and describe responsibilities when feeding, cleaning and exercising different pets

  • Good Neighbours

    Good Neighbours

    Identify and explain how to be a good neighbour by supporting and caring for others in their lives

  • Triangle Halves

    Triangle Halves

    Identify and record how to divide different sized triangles into pairs of equal halves

  • Circle Halves

    Circle Halves

    Identify and record how to divide different sized circle shapes into pairs of matching equal halves