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Position and Direction

Discover lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in numeracy for the Foundation Stage to teach about describing positions and directions

  • Front, Behind, Opposite

    Front, Behind, Opposite

    Practise moving pairs of cubes to match vocabulary describing their position for front, behind and opposite

  • Right or Left

    Right or Left

    Practise controlling a robot or vehicle to make different movements for right or left

  • Backwards, Forwards, Sideways

    Backwards, Forwards, Sideways

    Practise following and giving instructions to make different movements in the classroom

  • Butterflies
    Investigate, describe and compare some of the different butterflies that can be found living in the school grounds
  • Caterpillars
    Produce a model of a mini-beast to explore some of the different creatures that live in the school grounds
  • What Butterfly
    Identify and describe the similarities and differences that can be seen between different species of butterfly
  • Seaside Subtraction
    Calculate and record the difference between pairs of numbers to ten by counting back to show numbers of items sold in a shop at the seaside