School Blog

Information and advice on a range of subjects to support your primary classroom teaching

Easter Treasure Hunt

Develop English, Maths and Art and Design skills when creating an Easter egg hunt around the school grounds

Spelling Support

Support the children's progress in spelling to enable them to become fluent and proficient writers

Times Tables

Learn and recall all of the times tables facts to support mastery of a range of number calculations

Story Reverses

Develop understanding of the narrative structure of fiction by sequencing and writing stories in reverse

Lent Temptations

Use the period between Shrove Tuesday and Easter to introduce the class to a range of themes illustrating what happened to Jesus when he was tempted by devil in the desert

Pancake Party

Investigate the meaning behind Shrove Tuesday and celebrate pancakes in different areas of the curriculum including literacy, numeracy, PE, music and art and design

Country Support

Understand the events of a natural disaster and how the school community can provide support to families affected

Love and Understanding

Develop and demonstrate love and understanding for the world community at a local, national and global level

School Trips

Prepare for and manage a school trip to support curriculum learning in different subjects and topics