Key Stage Two

Discover schemes of work, lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in all curriculum subjects for Key Stage Two

Number Thousands

Investigate, compare and record the place value of the numerals in a range of different six digit numbers according to their positions in each number

Six Digits

Compare and order a selection of different six digit numbers by the place value of their numerical digits

Family Journeys

Order a selection of numbers to six digits according to the position and value of the numerals

Hundreds of Thousands

Identify and compare the place value of digits in different numbers to hundreds of thousands

Number Mix

Build a selection of five digit numbers by combining tens of thousands, thousands, hundreds, tens and ones

Thousands Digits

Identify and compare the values of different five digit numbers by the place value of their digits


Explore the meaning of symbols related to Remembrance Day and reflect on lives lost

Bonfire Party

Select and use formal and informal language to compose invitations, letters and speeches for a family and town party on Bonfire Night

Bonfire Speech

Practise writing a speech to open a town's firework display using formal language and sentence structures

Firework Complaint

Select and use formal language when writing a letter of complaint about a neighbour's firework display

Bonfire Invitations

Select and use formal and informal language to invite different groups of people to a family Bonfire party

Firework Display

Practise using adverbials of time when describing the sequence of events at a family Bonfire party