Key Stage Two

Discover schemes of work, lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in all curriculum subjects for Key Stage Two

Lost Son

Discuss the meaning of a parable from the Bible told by Jesus about forgiving others

Number Values

Investigate and record the place value of the numerical digits in different numbers to thousands by partitioning, ordering and comparing

Number Jumps

Identify and record how the place value of digits change in a number when counting forwards and backwards in thousands

Rounding Hundred

Identify and record how to round a selection of different three digit numbers to the nearest hundred

Rounding Ten

Select and record how to round a range of different two and three digit numbers to the nearest ten

Number Divisions

Identify and record the value of three digit numbers across different number lines

Number Match

Use concrete equipment and diagrams to record the place value of digits to one thousand

Story Places

Respond to stories with familiar settings to investigate story structure and descriptive vocabulary

Story Settings

Select and list vocabulary that could be used to describe familiar settings that feature in different stories

School Scenes

Create and perform short dramas to illustrate what might happen between friends in a school to match a story with a familiar setting

Sentence Links

Use the conjunctions because, but or when to link sentence clauses about things that might happen in a story set in a school

Word Signals

Identify and record whether to use the determinants a or an before nouns in sentences related to a story setting