Key Stage Two

Discover schemes of work, lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in all curriculum subjects for Key Stage Two

Perfect School Day

Select and use vocabulary to write a diary entry listing some of the events that might happen during the school day

Class Predictions

Compose newspaper reports to suggest some of the different things that might happen in the next school year

Temperature Scales

Record the value of different temperatures on a range of scales using positive and negative numbers


Identify, describe and compare the effects that volcanoes can have on different landscapes and populations in communities around the world

Pied Piper

Investigate the language style and structure of a narrative poem, practise adding prefixes to word roots and use modal verbs to change lines in a poem

Changing Hundreds

Explore number sums one hundred more and less than different three digit numbers using sentence descriptions for each number

Ancient Egyptian Life

Investigate the growth and development of the Ancient Egyptian civilization by exploring and recording information about historical artefacts

Whales Song

Explore how authors use dialogue to illustrate story characters and narrate plot events, practise adding prefixes to word roots and punctuate sentences using speech marks

Peter Pan

Read and answer comprehension questions about the structure and content of a fantasy story by a significant author


Emulate techniques used by significant artists working in paint to create impressions of reflections seen in different bodies of water

Number Differences

Use standard methods of subtraction to calculate the difference between numbers when performing decomposition