Key Stage Two

Discover schemes of work, lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in all curriculum subjects for Key Stage Two

Time Machine

Read and answer comprehension questions about the structure and content of a classic work of fiction

Number Thousands

Investigate, compare and record the place value of the numerals in different six digit numbers according to their positions in each number


Practise and develop skills in moving, passing and tackling that can be utilised when playing small sided teams games in rugby

Hundreds, Tens and Ones

Investigate and record the place value of different three digit numbers by partitioning each number into their matching hundreds, tens and ones

Autumn Changes

Explain how elements of the natural world make preparations for the winter during the autumn

Animal Facts

Explore the structure of alphabetically ordered texts using encyclopaedias, match prefixes to word roots and practise retrieving information from non-fiction texts

Sentence Commas

Practise using commas to insert phrases and lists into sentences related to a story by a significant author


Devise and construct different electrical circuits that can be used to control electrical devices for a range of specific functions in a family home

Bigger or Smaller

Use symbols for less than and greater than to compare four digit numbers by their place value

Ancient Egyptian Pyramids

Explore how and why the Ancient Egyptians constructed and used different pyramids and tombs to reflect their beliefs about the afterlife

School News

Investigate the structure and format of journalistic writing, practise building words by adding prefixes and write fact and opinion sentences using fronted adverbials

School Rules

Practise writing sentences using the subjunctive form of verbs to select and present new rules for pupils to follow in the school