Key Stage Two

Discover schemes of work, lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in all curriculum subjects for Key Stage Two

Tile Reviews

Review and suggest changes to clay tiles reflecting Ancient Egyptian culture and traditions

Egyptian Tile

Produce a clay tile to reflect and illustrate a range of Ancient Egyptian culture and traditions

Tile Design

Design shapes and patterns to use on a clay tile to reflect the customs and traditions of Ancient Egypt

Handles and Spouts

Investigate how to use clay slip to join different elements of a model clay artefact from Ancient Egypt

Clay Imprints

Investigate how to use different tools to make a range of impressions in clay to reflect life in Ancient Egypt

Statues and Tombs

Investigate some of the different shapes and patterns that were used on Ancient Egyptian artefacts

Shop Sales

Use number calculation skills to total receipts of different items bought in shops or at visitor attractions and record discount sale prices to match shopping budgets

Garden Receipts

Use addition and subtraction skills to complete receipts for lists of shop items bought for a garden

Party Shopping

Select and compile lists of items for a party that can be bought to match a specific budget

Shop Discounts

Calculate and record the cost of different items bought for a discount in a shop sale

Family Visits

Calculate the cost for different sized families of visiting a range of places and attractions

Money Stories

Record how to compare, estimate and round money amounts by matching prices of shop items