Key Stage Two Christmas Maths

Discover lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in maths for Key Stage Two to teach about using number, measurement and geometry skills on the theme of Christmas

Christmas Dinner

Use the long multiplication method to calculate the cost of buying foods for a Christmas dinner

Santa’s Receipts

Use formal written calculation methods to practise adding sets of money amounts to match a range of Christmas presents

Christmas Presents

Fold and decorate nets of cube and cuboid shapes to build a range of 3D Christmas tree decorations

Christmas Squares

Use mental and written methods to add two and three digit numbers to match Christmas shapes

Panto Tickets

Use the short multiplication method to calculate the cost of buying tickets to different Christmas pantomimes

Stocking Prices

Calculate the cost of buying different themed Christmas stockings by multiplying pairs of two digit numbers using a standard written method

Christmas Holidays

Practise using standard written addition methods to calculate the costs of buying tickets to different destinations for a holiday at Christmas

Family Presents

Practise using standard written methods to add numbers with two decimal places to calculate costs of buying presents at Christmas

Christmas Party

Practise adding money amounts using standard written methods of addition to calculate the cost of items for a Christmas party