Key Stage Two Special Topics Bonfire Night

Discover classroom teaching resources to develop and practise skills in all curriculum areas for Key Stage Two to explore and celebrate Bonfire Night

Bonfire Party

Select and use formal and informal language to compose invitations, letters and speeches for a family and town party on Bonfire Night

Bonfire Speech

Practise writing a speech to open a town's firework display using formal language and sentence structures

Firework Complaint

Select and use formal language when writing a letter of complaint about a neighbour's firework display

Bonfire Invitations

Select and use formal and informal language to invite different groups of people to a family Bonfire party

Bonfire Guests

Identify and record some of the special formal and informal vocabulary that might be used when inviting different groups of people to a Bonfire Night party

Firework Display

Calculate the duration of different fireworks in bonfire night display using times in minutes and seconds

School Fireworks

Use the short multiplication method to calculate the cost of buying different fireworks for a bonfire night display at the school

Big Bang

Design an advert using persuasive writing to sell different types of fireworks for a Bonfire Night party

Bonfire Party

Select vocabulary in use in poetry describing the sights and sounds that might be seen and heard on bonfire night