Key Stage Two Physical Education

Discover schemes of work, lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in Physical Education for Key Stage Two to teach about invading and defending games, net and wall sports, gymnastics and dance


Practise and develop a range of skills in moving, passing and tackling that can be utilised when playing small sided teams games in rugby

Rugby Skills

Write and use instructions to teach the range of skills needed to play a team game of rugby

Rugby Games

Play small sided games to practise advancing and passing a rugby ball to the goal line as part of a team game

Rugby Training

Develop and refine skills when passing, receiving, moving and tackling when playing a team game of rugby

Rugby Tackling

Practise moving with a rugby ball around the field to avoid being tackled and losing possession during a game

Passing and Receiving

Investigate and practise different ways of handling a ball to keep possession in a game of rugby

Running and Moving

Practise running and moving movements with a rugby ball to avoid being tackled during a game