Key Stage Two Geography

Discover schemes of work, lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in geography for Key Stage Two when exploring the physical and political features of different locations and communities

Christmas World

Explore how different countries around the world celebrate Christmas by following a range of special customs and traditions that reflect religious and secular stories


Identify, describe and compare the effects that volcanoes can have on different landscapes and populations in communities around the world

Volcano Expedition

Describe and compare how a volcano is different from other physical features found around the world

Volcanic Eruption

Produce a model to illustrate the different stages that can occur during a volcanic eruption

Volcano Pen Pal

Describe and compare the physical features of volcanoes found in different locations around the world

Volcano Scrapbook

Describe and compare some of the physical features found in different locations around the world

World Volcanoes

Build a database to identify and record the location of different volcanoes on a world map

Volcano Quiz

Conduct and present research to investigate how volcanoes work and how they can impact life on Earth