Key Stage Two English Story Writing – Year Five

Discover lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in English for Year Five in Key Stage Two to teach about writing stories using different styles and genres

Story Editing

Edit and redraft a new section for a story to suggest what other events might happen in the narrative

Story Viewpoint

Select and write a new section for a narrative story from the viewpoint of one of the characters

Story Planning

Select and plan a story within a story that might be included in a book by a significant author

Story Letter

Compose a letter that a character might write about one of the events in a story read by the class

Story Letter

Compose a letter to describe the thoughts of the character about one of the main events in a narrative story

Story Ending

Plan and write an alternative cliff hanger ending to a chapter from a narrative story by a significant author

Myth News

Compile a news report to describe some of the events that occurred in a Greek myth

Myth Diary

Compose a diary entry to record the sequence of narrative events in a myth from Ancient Greece

Story Plotting

Select and describe some of the plots that might feature in different stories to match a range of characters settings

Story Reverses

Develop understanding of the narrative structure of fictional stories by sequencing and writing stories in reverse