Key Stage Two English Recounts – Year Four

Discover lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in English for Year Four in Key Stage Two to teach about writing recounts of activities and experiences

Viking Families

Investigate and record information about the daily life of different groups of Vikings who settled in Britain

Viking Raids

Write a recount to explain how and why the Vikings raided other lands and countries in the past

Invaders and Settlers

Investigate and record some of the different reasons why the Vikings invaded Britain in the past

Great Pyramid

Write a diary entry to describe some of different reasons for the building of pyramids in Ancient Egypt

World Weather

Investigate and describe different types of weather patterns that can affect countries around the world

Christmas Deliveries

Plan and write recounts to describe how different characters might deliver presents at Christmas

Christmas in Germany

Plan and write a recount about visiting relatives in Germany to describe Christmas traditions

Summer Scrapbook

Refine and develop English and literacy skills by recording activities enjoyed by families during the school summer holidays