Key Stage Two English Poetry – Year Five

Discover lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in English for Year Five in Key Stage Two to teach about writing poetry using a range of forms

Easter Eggs

Draft and edit shape poems using special vocabulary to describe different colours and patterns used on Easter eggs

Easter Words

Read and compose acrostic poems to explain the meaning of vocabulary connected to the Easter story

Easter Kenning

Read and write Kenning poems to illustrate and describe some of the characters in the Easter story

Easter Haikus

Read and write Haiku poems to illustrate some of the main events in the Easter story

Love Twisters

Select matching vocabulary with similar pronunciation to use in tongue twisters expressing love

What is Love

Select similes and metaphors to create descriptive images that can be used in poetry describing love

Christmas Carols

Write new verses for a Christmas carol by editing traditional songs and choruses

Christmas Candles

Select special vocabulary to use when writing Haiku poems describing candles at Christmas

Power of Language

Discuss and explain how to use a range of words to convey different emotions and moods about activities and experiences

Wilfred Owen

Investigate and edit a poem by a significant poet with figurative language used to reflect ideas about conflict