Key Stage Two English Persuasive Writing

Discover lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in English for Key Stage Two to teach about using persuasive language in a range of texts

Global Warming

Write speeches to use when holding a class debate describing ways of solving problems caused by pollution

Stadium Visit

Select vocabulary and sentences structures to use when writing a persuasive letter requesting a school visit to a football stadium

School Olympics

Write a letter to persuade the Olympic committee to hold the next games on the school field


Write and perform a television commercial to advertise and persuade families to buy a special product

Mars Landing

Write and present a speech outlining some of the reasons for space exploration to Mars in the future

Elgin Marbles

Debate the collection and use of some of the different historical artefacts that were taken from Ancient Greece

Pancake Adverts

Select and use descriptive vocabulary in lists to advertise a range of different pancakes to celebrate Shrove Tuesday

Family Gifts

Select and use persuasive language to persuade parents to purchase special gifts for Christmas

Christmas Jingles

Select and use homophones and persuasive language to devise adverts that can be used to sell different Christmas presents

Toy Shop

Select special language and sentence structures to design and write a persuasive advert to sell different toys at Christmas

Dear Santa

Write a reply to a letter to persuade Santa to deliver presents on Christmas Eve

Big Bang

Design an advert using persuasive writing to sell different types of fireworks for a Bonfire Night party