Key Stage Two English Discussion – Year Six

Discover lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in English for Year Six in Key Stage Two to teach about presenting arguments for and against different issues

Circus Animals

Write a discussion text to outline some of the arguments for and against an animal welfare issue

Chocolate Debate

Hold a class debate to identify and explain the benefits and disadvantages of eating chocolate

Ancient Greek Government

Explore some of the different styles of Ancient Greek government that are still used in the modern world today


Plan and compose a discussion text to illustrate and present arguments in support of recycling household waste

Global Warming

Write a speech to discuss some of the different ways of solving problems in the world caused by global warming

Traffic Pollution

Identify and argue points of view about some of the dangers caused by traffic pollution in the local community

Tidal Power

Write a discussion text to outline arguments for and against an environmental issue about using the power of the tide