Key Stage Two English Noun Phrases – Year Four

Discover lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in English for Year Four in Key Stage Two to teach about writing expanded noun phrases

Egg Words

Select synonyms for different vocabulary words to build noun phrases for a poem describing a range of Easter eggs

What Location

Select and record descriptive vocabulary words that can be used to describe a setting from a fiction story

Story Lists

Select and compile lists of adjectives that can be used to describe nouns matching a specific story setting

Pancake Choices

Select and use expanded noun phrases to illustrate and specify toppings and fillings for different pancakes

Spooky Sounds

Practise using powerful adjectives to describe some of the spooky sounds that might be heard in a bedroom at night

Spooky Shadows

Select and use descriptive vocabulary to describe shadows seen in a bedroom at nighttime


Explore and suggest changes to descriptive vocabulary used in a poem to describe spooky sights and sounds during the night