Key Stage Two Art and Design Painting

Discover lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in art and design for Key Stage Two to teach about how to use different techniques when painting

Starry Night Cards

Design and produce a picture scene for the front of a Christmas card based on a painting by Van Gogh

Art Auction

Review completed paintings that use the pointillism style of painting to emulate artwork by a significant French artist

School Painting

Practise using the painting technique of pointillism to create a picture of the school landscape

Painting Frames

Practise a selection of different techniques to replicate colour shades used in a painting by a significant French artist

Bathers at Asnières

Explore and practise some of the techniques used by Seurat to create different colour shades in artwork


Identify and practise a technique used by Seurat to create a range of different colour shades in a painting

Painting Changes

Discuss and evaluate a painting of a river scene that includes water reflections of things seen on the riverbank

River View

Create a painting of a river view using different techniques to illustrate water reflections

Water Washes

Explore and implement techniques that can be utilised when painting reflections of objects in water

Water Reflections

Practise different ways of representing reflections that might be seen in water using paint