Key Stage Two Art and Design

Discover schemes of work, lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in art and design for Key Stage Two covering sketching and drawing, painting techniques, use of colour shades, sculpture models, shape printing and artwork by significant artists


Emulate techniques used by significant artists working in paint to create impressions of reflections seen in different bodies of water

Ancient Egyptian Tiles

Design and produce tiles that represent Ancient Egyptian culture and traditions by adding shapes, patterns and attachments

Space Helmets

Select, shape and combine a range of different mouldable materials to make a model of an astronaut's helmet


Develop and practise a range of  different painting techniques when creating a landscape portraying a scene in the local area

Viking Pots

Develop art and design techniques when working with clay to make pots that represent Viking culture and traditions

Recycled Art

Explore a range of ways to shape and combine different recycled materials to produce a sculpture reflecting the theme of recycling

J M W Turner

Explore how to represent light in artwork by emulating the painting style of a significant British artist when painting artwork showing the school landscape

Royal Party

Develop and refine techniques in art and design to combine and shape materials when making decorations and souvenirs to celebrate a special occasion in the Royal family

Greek Pots

Practise shaping and modelling clay when making replica pots and jugs reflecting and illustrating life in the Ancient Greek civilization

Flag Printing

Practise and refine different techniques when printing colours, shape and patterns to design flags to match specific activities and a range of locations

Easter Decorations

Shape and combine a range of different materials to make decorations for a class or family Easter party

Georges Seurat

Identify, describe and replicate the painting style of a significant French artist by using pointillism to create scenes of different landscape views