Key Stage One

Discover schemes of work, lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in all curriculum subjects for Key Stage One

Firework Lists

Create lists of descriptive vocabulary words that can be used to describe sounds made by different fireworks on Bonfire night

Firework Colours

Practise using the conjunction and to list descriptions of firework colour shades in sentences

Firework Bursts

Use concrete objects when subtracting pairs of single digit numbers to show shapes that disappear when a firework bursts open in the night sky

Firework Receipts

Use partitioning to sum totals of shopping receipts in pounds and pence for fireworks bought for a family Bonfire part


Compose and write a set of instructions to explain how to use a firework safely on Bonfire Night


Select a range of nouns and adjectives to use in poems about a firework display on Bonfire Night


Identify, describe and record the sequence of narrative events and special themes in the story from the Bible about Noah and the Ark

Story Collage

Produce a collage to illustrate a scene from the Bible story about Noah and the ark

World Changes

Discuss and suggest ways to make the world a better place in response to a Bible story

Weather Prayer

Choose vocabulary to use when composing a prayer asking God to look after the world

Flood Preparations

Select and record some of the precious items that could have been taken into the ark by Noah and his family

Ark Instructions

Select, write and order a set of instructions about how to build a wooden ark to survive a flood