Key Stage One Special Topics Shrove Tuesday

Discover lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in all curriculum subjects for Key Stage One to teach how and why Shrove Tuesday is celebrated in different communities around the world

Pancake Recipes

Demonstrate grasp and understanding of different skills cross the curriculum by creating pancake recipes to celebrate Shrove Tuesday

Pancake Counting

Use counting on and back to subtract pairs of numbers within twenty to identify pancakes made on Shrove Tuesday

Family Pancakes

Practise counting in twos to calculate numbers of pancakes for different groups of people in a family

Pancake Recipe

Devise and sequence a set of instructions about how to prepare pancakes using a range of toppings

Favourite Pancakes

Select and use expanded noun phrases to describe different pancake toppings and fillings

Enormous Pancake

Plan and write a story illustrating conflict and resolution about making an enormous pancake based on the structure and content of a traditional story

Pancake Story

Write and edit a narrative story with a familiar setting based on the structure and sequence of a traditional story

Pancake Events

Plan story events to illustrate conflict and resolution in a story about making an enormous pancake

Story Lists

Use commas to write lists of characters, settings and objects to match the content of a narrative story

Pancake Toppings

Select and combine powerful adjectives into noun phrases to describe different pancakes toppings

Enormous Turnip

Discuss the sequence of events and characters in a traditional story as preparation for writing a similar story using conflict and resolution