Key Stage One Special Topics Halloween

Discover classroom teaching resources to develop and practise skills in all curriculum areas for Key Stage One to celebrate and decorate the classroom for Halloween


Read and write sets of instructions using the correct vocabulary and sentence structures about how to become a witch

Halloween Sweets

Practise sharing numbers of sweets collected on Halloween into equal groups between friends

Trick or Treat

Calculate numbers of sweets gathered when trick or treating on Halloween by adding pairs of two digit numbers

Wizard’s Beard

Shape and combine paper and other materials to produce a picture decoration of a Halloween character


Read and answer comprehension questions about vocabulary used in a classic poem about ghosts

Halloween Paperchains

Identify, describe and decorate shapes to make a decoration for a class Halloween party

Witch’s Cauldron

Select and write sets of instructions for witch’s to follow when making a range of potions for casting different spells

Cauldron Potion

Select and compose a set of instructions about how to make a potion to cast a spell

Potion Recipe

Sequence and adapt a set of instructions about how to make a potion to cast a spell

Potion Ingredients

Select and use adjectives to describe ingredients used by a witch when making a potion for a spell

Witch’s Kitchen

Practise using the conjunction and to co-ordinate sentence clauses about things a witch might use when making a potion

Potions and Spells

Identify how a witch might use a range of potions to cast different spells using conjunctions to link sentence clauses