Key Stage One Christmas Religious Education

Discover lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in religious education for Key Stage One to teach about the nativity story

Tree Ornaments

Build collage pictures using a range of different materials for use on Christmas tree ornaments

King Herod

Investigate and describe some of the events that occurred after the birth of Jesus and the flight from Bethlehem

Journey of the Magi

Discuss and record the main events that happened after the birth of Jesus as part of the nativity story

Shepherds and Angels

Identify and describe suitable gifts and presents that could be given to the baby Jesus as part of the nativity story

Stable and Manger

Design and produce Christmas cards to celebrate the birth of Jesus as part of the nativity story

Bethlehem Journey

Suggest and record what different characters might said about Mary's and Joseph's journey to Bethlehem

Nativity Play

Organise and rehearse a performance of the nativity story from the Bible for a special Christmas assembly

Angel Gabriel

Discuss some of the preparations that were made for the birth of Jesus by exploring a story from the Bible

Christmas Checklist

Identify some of the special preparations that families could make to get ready to celebrate Christmas together