Key Stage One Christmas English

Discover lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in English for Key Stage One to teach about using reading and writing skills on the theme of Christmas

Christmas Party

Write lists of foods, drinks and games needed for a class Christmas celebration

Reindeer Lists

Write lists to record different items needed to care for Santa's reindeer at the North Pole


Select synonyms for different vocabulary words that can be used to describe a snowman in a poem

Christmas Alphabet

Select a range of different presents to fill a Christmas stocking to match each letter of the alphabet

Thank You Santa

Compose and write a personal letter to Santa Claus to thank him for a present received at Christmas

Christmas Tree

Select special vocabulary to use in a poem describing different Christmas tree ornaments

Santa’s Trip

Write a narrative story to describe one of the special places that Santa could visit on holiday after Christmas

Santa’s Visit

Compile a storyboard to plan a narrative story about where Santa could visit on holiday

Santa’s Suitcase

Use the conjunction and to link pairs of items that might be needed by Santa for different holidays

Santa’s Postcards

Identify and select vocabulary to describe different places visited by Santa Claus