Key Stage One Religious Education

Discover schemes of work, lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in religious education in Key Stage One covering retelling stories from the Bible, illustrating faiths and beliefs of different religious communities and exploring religious celebrations and festivals


Read and illustrate some of the stories from the Bible that were told by Jesus about how to use different skills to support friends in a range of life situations and scenarios

Friend Guidebook

Compose entries for a class book to record different skills that can be used to support their friends

Good Friend

Identify and describe some of the different ways of building strong and happy relationships with others

Easter Celebrations

Identify, describe and illustrate how people can demonstrate and celebrate their beliefs about God through special religious celebrations at Easter


Explore and record how the autumn harvest is celebrated and marked in different communities around the world

Bible Stories

Research and illustrate how the teachings of Jesus are presented in different stories from the Bible


Identify, record and illustrate the sequence of different events that occurred during the story of Moses from the Old Testament

Christian Prayers

Investigate and record how Christians can illustrate and demonstrate their faith and beliefs through prayers

Nativity Story

Explore and record the sequence of events in the story of the birth of Jesus from the Bible using role-play and art and design activities


Identify, describe and record the sequence of narrative events and special themes in the story from the Bible about Noah and the Ark

Story Collage

Produce a collage to illustrate a scene from the Bible story about Noah and the ark

World Changes

Discuss and suggest ways to make the world a better place in response to a Bible story