Key Stage One Religious Education Prayers

Discover lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in religious education for Key Stage One to teach about composing prayers on different themes and ideas

Harvest Prayer

Explain and record how to write a prayer to thank God for providing the harvest in the autumn


Use a story from the Bible about the life of Jesus to discuss how and why people are tempted in life

Jesus Calms the Storm

Write a prayer to illustrate some of the themes presented in a story from the Bible about an event in the life of Jesus

Family Prayers

Reflect and record how to give thanks to different members of a family through prayer

Saying Grace

Explain and record the meaning of a prayer used to thank God for a special meal

Christian Psalms

nvestigate and describe the meaning of different prayers that are presented in the Christian Bible

Lord’s Prayer

Read and describe the meaning behind a prayer used by Christians to give thanks to God

Prayer Places

Identify and describe some of the special places used by people when offering a prayer to God

Prayer Shapes

Select and design a special symbol to represent the meaning of a prayer offered to God

Weather Prayer

Choose vocabulary to use when composing a prayer asking God to look after the world