Key Stage One Religious Education Festivals

Discover lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in religious education for Key Stage One to teach about how different communities celebrate special festivals throughout the year

Special Gifts

Identify, describe and record some of the different gifts that can be given on special family occasions

Special and Ordinary Days

Identify, describe and compare different types of religious and non-religious events that occur at different times of the year

Harvest Decorations

Explore and describe some of different ways that Christians celebrate the harvest in a church festival

Harvest Hymn

eEplore and describe some of the different ways of celebrating the autumn harvest in Christianity

Harvest Collage

Select and use a range of natural materials to create examples of different foods harvested during the autumn

Harvest Tapestry

Identify and record some of the different farming actions and jobs connected to harvest

Farm Crops

Identify, sort and compare some of the different crops that are grown and harvested on a farm