Key Stage One Maths Multiplication

Discover lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in maths for Key Stage One to teach about multiplying numbers and quantities by two, five and ten

Party Shopping

Solve multiplication number problems using facts in the five multiplication table to calculate items needed for a family party

Tree Leaves

Identify and record number of leaves that can be seen on tree branches using different equal groups

Garden Groups

Select and sort different numbers of garden materials and objects into equal groups of two and ten

Flower Pots

Practise counting in different sets of twos and tens to calculate sums of numbers of flowers growing in pots

Fruit Boxes

Practise counting in steps of five and ten to calculate numbers of fruit packed in boxes

Counting Towers

Use concrete equipment and number square diagrams to practise counting in different steps of ten

Dice Doubles

Identify and record the matching doubles of different numbers to twenty when playing games using dice

Tower Doubles

Practise counting and doubling different numbers of cubes used to make towers to five, ten and fifteen

Capacity Doubles

Practise doubling measurements in millilitres using numbers to ten, twenty and thirty to find the capacity of different bottles

Bottles and Cups

Calculate and record the capacity of different sized bottles using non-standard measurements

Family Pancakes

Practise counting in twos to calculate numbers of pancakes for different groups of people in a family