Key Stage One Maths Money

Discover lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in maths number in Key Stage One covering money

Pocket Money

Practise sharing different pocket money amounts into equal groups of two, three and five

Team Kit

Add pairs of two digit numbers with one exchange between place value to calculate the cost of buying clothing to support a country's football team

Easter Egg Shopping

Calculate the total cost of buying pairs of Easter eggs with prices in multiples of ten pence

Dinner Date

Calculate the cost of buying different foods to serve for a special meal on Valentine's Day

Counting Pounds

Complete bar models to show pound coins and notes to match different money amounts

Coin Facts

Identify true and false facts to compare money amounts using combinations of coins

Coins Match

Use the symbols for less than and greater than to compare money amounts using coins

Tens and Twenties

Identify and record combinations of ten and twenty pence coins to match sums to one pound

Money Sums

Identify and record the matching sums for multiples of different coins

Shop Prices

Calculate the prices of items bought in shops from different amounts of change received when paying for something

Shopping Change

Record the matching coins that can be given in change when buying items with prices to one pound

Shopping Receipts

Practise using partitioning to calculate the sum totals of different shopping receipts in pounds and pence